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09.12.2018 / Company News

Stephen Sawyers in the 30 in Their Thirties Class of 2018

Rocket Fiber is thrilled to announce our very own Stephen Sawyers in the 2018 Class of DBusiness’ 30 in Their Thirties. This is the 10th anniversary of the award, where our Business Team Leader has received a shining spot in this year’s class.

In the publication, DBusiness explains that Sawyers’ passion is selling—and that he sees it as an art and a science. As a Michigan State University alumnus, Sawyers learned during his freshman year that selling was nuanced and often emotional while selling educational books and related software door-to-door in Junction City, Kansas.

Sawyers told DBusiness that, “I don’t necessarily have the gift of gab, but you learn that if you want to sell something, it’s important to understand what people’s needs are, and then generate a solution to answer their needs.”

‘Sawyers says the difference between working at a large corporation and a budding startup is that the latter enterprise offers more opportunities.’ “You can spread your wings, and I was able to help set up a proven system for selling and develop processes for other salespeople to succeed.”’

Rocket Fiber salutes Stephen Sawyers in this notice of his achievements.

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