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08.23.2016 / Technology

4 Ways You Can Start Using Gigabit Internet Today


With the race to provide ultra-fast internet heating up, many people are asking one question: do I really need that much bandwidth? Gigabit internet (1,000 Mbps for both upload and download speed) may seem like a lot, but with the rapid adoption of internet-connected devices, virtual reality, and Ultra-HD TV, you might need more than you think. We’ve laid out the top four things you can do today with gigabit internet like Rocket Fiber.


4K TV.

We’ve seen it and it’s awesome. Furthermore, Sony projects that 15% of households will have a 4K TV by the end of this year. You can already watch dozens of 4K programs on Netflix and hundreds on Amazon Video, with the amount of programming increasing rapidly. As the content gets better and better you’ll need more and more bandwidth to ensure you’re watching, not waiting on your 4K masterpiece.

Smart Home Technology.

New devices are coming out every day to make your home experience better. From thermostats that know when to cool and heat your home (lowering energy bills) to coffee pots that have your coffee waiting for you in the morning, it’s now possible to digitize much of your routine. That’s great news for all of us, but each of those devices adds weight to your home network. Over time that adds up and leads to a slower connection if you aren’t getting a gig.

Working from Home.

We all have days where we would rather work from the comfort of our own home. Now, it’s true that for checking email or using communication apps you won’t need a gigabit of speed, but if you’re handling data-heavy tasks like logging into a virtual network, then a gigabit will make for a seamless experience. The real advantage comes in the upload speeds. With fiber lines, the speeds are symmetric, meaning that it’s a gigabit download AND upload. No more waiting all day to upload your work.


Virtual Reality.

Something that would have sounded crazy a couple of years ago is here today. From the super high-end Oculus Rift headsets to the $15 Google Cardboard, you can immerse yourself in your favorite game or tour a foreign country all from your living room. With a gigabit connection you’ll never be rudely awoken from your next Minecraft adventure.

These are just some of the ways you can utilize gigabit internet today – and more and more smart devices and newer technologies are bound to spring up in the near future. With gigabit internet, you’ll be ready for anything!

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