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08.04.2016 / Technology

4 Wild, Futuristic Inventions We’d Love to See with Fiber

Remember when you made the switch from dial-up internet to cable or DSL? All sorts of new technologies that would never have been possible before, such as Netflix and Amazon, started popping up once the internet became more accessible and much faster. Fiber internet will allow computers to process information literally at the speed of light, carry more information and have far fewer interference issues than traditional copper cables. From advancements in current technologies to entirely new inventions – the possibilities are endless.

Fiber optics is the next step in internet infrastructure and Rocket Fiber has brought this leading technology to Detroit! Our team is so excited for what the next wave of technology will bring, that we started brainstorming some cool new inventions we’d love to see once fiber optics are deployed throughout the city.

Rachel from our finance team is a dog lover, and wants a robot who could walk her dog and keep him company during the workday. You might think running a robot all day could be expensive or dangerous, but fiber optics have lower power requirements and are less flammable than traditional copper cables, making transmitting information to and from a robot much safer and easier with fiber.


Danielle from our marketing team loves Marvel and superheroes, and would love to be able to have her own super suit. Fiber optic connectivity would be the best way to run a super suit computer like Iron Man’s, plus fiber optics would make the suit look awesome!


Gayle from our client experience team would love a clone of herself so she could get twice as much work done. Building clones and operating them with the speed that fiber technology allows would make their motions more fluid and life-like. Plus, having a clone would mean you could just relax at the end of the day while your clone did everything else!


Ricky from our tech team wants 3D holographic television like they have in Star Wars. The massive amounts of bandwidth that would be necessary for a high-resolution, 3D-video signal would be no issue when using fiber optics.


With fiber optics as the next big leap in technology, there’s no telling what cool new things are in store for the future – and that future may not be that far away.

These above are just what our team would love to see – what cool inventions would YOU want?

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