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09.16.2015 / Technology

5 Smart City Updates We’d Like to See in Detroit

We’re excited to see all of the amazing improvements happening in Detroit today. With M-1 Rail getting ready to offer a brand new transportation option, historic buildings being brought back to life, and Gigabit Internet ready to turn on in Downtown, we think there’s no better time than now to make Detroit a smarter city.

Gigabit Internet creates more opportunities for data driven devices that can make city living easier and safer. We’ll be able to offer faster speeds in public areas fostering better connectivity and data access for public services. What could be offered to Detroiters? Here are several ideas we’d like to see come to life to make a smarter Detroit.

Digital Bus Stops.

Barcelona has become known for being one of the smartest cities in the world. We’d love to take a geek’s tour of this city one day. The city is also home to digital bus stops that provide real-time bus updates, advertisements, tourist information, charging docks and more. Wouldn’t this be great to offer more transparency and access to the bus routes in our city?


A Smart Stop in Barcelona

Smart Traffic Signals.

Utah was one of the first states in the U.S. to push for smarter traffic signals in their cities. This investment included in-house software and data management that predicts traffic flow down to the minute. Smart traffic signals can significantly reduce commute time in urban areas. After installing 12 smart traffic signals in 2012, they saw idle time drop by 40%. Imagine the motor city taking the lead in moving us through our day quicker.

Sensor Updates

The rise of the Smart City trend has also seen the installation of sensors that can help predict people moving through the city. This can provide helpful information and measurements for city officials. Rio De Janeiro partnered with IBM to create an environment that could stream data from traffic and public transportation, municipal services, emergency services, weather feeds in more. It proved useful when large amounts of people attend games or when an emergency situation in need of city response.

Smart Grids

Like any urban area, Detroit uses lots of energy to power businesses, homes, and buildings in the city. The Internet can enable smart grids throughout Detroit to better measure and monitor amounts of energy consumed. We can take a cue from a city like Mannheim, Germany. A smart grid like this one can better measure who needs power and when, adjusting energy usage.

Smart Water Meters

We don’t face drought problems like other areas of the country, but smart water meters could help us better measure and monitor water usage across the city.   Even a small gain in water usage efficiency could add up to big savings for our region.

What else would you like to see connected in our great city? Come join us for an in person discussion with city leaders to help Future Proof Detroit on September 29th.

Don’t forget to sign up for faster Internet for your Detroit home or business. Rocket Fiber speeds are coming later this fall.

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