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Our Story

We Were Founded on a Big Idea and Built From Scratch

We are proud to deliver fast, friendly, local home internet service to Detroit. In 2014, we saw a void in the industry and decided that we were not just going to fill it, but we would far exceed anyone’s expectations.

Our fiber network transforms the way users create, collaborate and communicate. Home internet clients love us for our affordable gigabit internet and an industry-leading, personalized client experience.

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Putting Our Mission Into Action

We pride ourselves on being scrappy and clever, unconventional and innovative, and most of all relentless. We were founded on a big idea and built from scratch — not a legacy telecom provider spin-off. From the beginning, our mission has been more than profit, we have a vision for service to the community. With the support of our team members, partners and community organizations, we are Detroit.

Supporting Local

Rocket Fiber has proudly supported the Detroit Ronald McDonald House since 2016. Our team has really enjoyed volunteering to prepare meals for patients and their families as well as organizing a book drive to collect reading material for families who visit. We have also appreciated the chance to adopt families for the holiday season and fundraising for such a meaningful and impactful organization. We believe in supporting local organizations for the benefit of Detroit and its residents.


Dunking for a Cause

Who wouldn’t love having the chance to participate in a little friendly payback, especially when it’s for a good cause? At our summer picnic in 2019, our fearless leaders volunteered in our dunk tank fundraiser. Participating team members contributed to a fund to benefit the family of our late teammate.

Virtual Fundraising

Even when world health events kept us physically apart, our commitment to the city of Detroit has remained steadfast. Our team has hosted raffles and bingo games during our weekly virtual happy hour on Fridays. Team members who participated contributed donations to a campaign supporting minority-owned businesses from across the city and providing catered dinners for around 100 residents of the Neighborhood Service Organization’s (NSO) homeless population.

Powering the QLine

We call ourselves the Motor City, but we pride ourselves on having diversified our transportation options, including the commencement of the M-1 light rail system along one of Detroit’s most-major arteries. Rocket Fiber is proud to have installed and currently manage the technology behind the QLine’s connectivity, which has proven to be a crucial aspect of the user experience. Rocket Fiber’s technology provides to passengers free WiFi with seamless high-speed internet access -- whether at the stations or even while in motion on the streetcars.

We’re All In This Together

It’s not just our technology that makes us different, it’s also our unrelenting commitment to outstanding client service and innovation. Our clients expect our very best and we put forth our best effort to deliver on our brand promise. This culture of commitment is our greatest asset. Our clients love us and we love our clients.

Our Journey

Rocket Fiber was founded in 2014 to bring Michigan the fastest internet in the country. Our vision is to transform the way Rocket Fiber clients create, collaborate and communicate. We saw a void in the industry and decided that we were not just going to fill it, but we would far exceed anyone’s expectations.

Announced April 2020

Announced April 2020

Rocket Fiber has been acquired by Everstream. Rocket Fiber will continue to serve residential customers in Detroit with fast, friendly, local home internet service while Detroit businesses will join Everstream's business-only fiber network.

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Awarded June 2018

Awarded June 2018

Rocket Fiber accepted the prestigious Chairman’s Award from the Fiber Broadband Association at the 2018 National Fiber Connect Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The award singles out an individual or company that has shown tremendous effort to promote, educate, or accelerate fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

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Hosted April 2018

Hosted April 2018

Rocket Fiber was thrilled to present the Fiber Broadband Association’s Regional Conference at the Greektown Casino-Hotel. The conference also brought in speakers from across the United States, who highlighted the strategies for building gigabit networks that facilitate the future of Smart City technology and Mobility.

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Announced November 2015

Announced November 2015

Residential customers will now be able to have 10-gigabit internet service from Rocket Fiber. This will be the fastest residential service available anywhere in Michigan. That’s ten times faster than the baseline 1-gig, and 1,000 times faster than the average internet speed in Detroit, which is 10 megabits per second.

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Completed October 2015

Completed October 2015

Rocket Fiber now has grown to 30 full-time team members and will open a new HQ downtown at 1505 Woodward, a Bedrock building designed by Albert Kahn. This headquarters will be complimented by the Rocket Fiber Network Operations Center located at the Quicken Loans Technology Center in Corktown.

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