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08.23.2019 / Technology

Ready for Esports? Here’s How Rocket Fiber Can Get You in the Game

The latest highly-lucrative sports industry to take the world by storm might not be what you'd expect. There's no athletic…
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Rocket Fiber Wins Big at the PGA Rocket Mortgage Classic

In late June, Southeast Michigan finally welcomed summer temperatures just in time for the first-ever Rocket Mortgage Classic held at…
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11.26.2018 / Press, Technology

Fixed Wireless Case Study

All things innovation resonates with our team at Rocket Fiber. Our team recently contributed to Broadband Communities magazine through a…
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08.23.2016 / Technology

4 Ways You Can Start Using Gigabit Internet Today

With the race to provide ultra-fast internet heating up, many people are asking one question: do I really need that…
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08.04.2016 / Technology

4 Wild, Futuristic Inventions We’d Love to See with Fiber

Remember when you made the switch from dial-up internet to cable or DSL? All sorts of new technologies that would…
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09.16.2015 / Technology

5 Smart City Updates We’d Like to See in Detroit

We’re excited to see all of the amazing improvements happening in Detroit today. With M-1 Rail getting ready to offer…
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07.06.2015 / Technology

Five Cool Uses of Fiber-optics

You've heard how fiber is revolutionizing the Internet, but you've probably heard less about some of its other uses. While…
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06.15.2015 / Technology

How Does Fiber-Optic Internet Work?

You’ve heard all the great things about Rocket Fiber. You’ve heard about the gigabit speeds and the advanced fiber ring we’ve laid…
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Three Downtown Detroit Businesses on the Importance of Connectivity

Every business uses some form of technology today. Whether it’s sending out tweets on today’s special, or using the Internet…
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We need more speed, Scotty

The city of Detroit is at a pivotal turning point in its history. Much of our infrastructure is in need…
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03.27.2015 / Technology

Plugging in a World-Class Client Experience

As we plug you into a faster Internet option in Detroit, we also want to plug you into Rocket Fiber…
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