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08.31.2018 / Press

Congrats, DHack Champs!

DHack’s 1st place winners came to have “Lunch with the CEO” at Rocket Fiber’s Data Center this week. The finalists included a group of 10 who joined our Co-Founder and CEO, Marc Hudson, in discussions around technology and potential future roles in the workplace.

DHack was sponsored by Wayne State University with a variety of energetic young people—who created interesting applications in technology during their all-night hackathon earlier this summer during Detroit Startup Week.

Marc Hudson discussed the importance of technology and the way it affects the world around us. Mobility, AI, and Smart City applications all arose as topics during the luncheon. Conversations around the importance of fiber in its relation to handling all sorts of new technology shed light on the overarching connections in this ever growing field.

Rocket Fiber is always glad to support the creativity and drive of young people—especially, as it relates to innovation. The company ethos is one of inspiring a passion for technology and cultivating confidence in our future leaders.

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