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04.13.2020 / Community News

Fiber Internet – Powering Entrepreneurs, a Q&A with Lauren Hom

These days, it doesn’t hurt to have a side hustle. Internet technology, especially home Wi-Fi, has given young entrepreneurs the keys to jumpstart their businesses in fields ranging from graphic design and web development to e-commerce and coding. Today, more millennials are exploring how to become work from home entrepreneurs, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and a scrappy ‘can-do’ attitude.

However, for many would-be millennial entrepreneurs, sometimes the most challenging thing is getting started. You have the idea, you have the drive, but sometimes putting yourself out there can be a little daunting – especially when it means putting yourself on the internet. To help gain a little insight on the merits of internet speed and its role in bolstering work from home businesses, we spoke with Detroit-based creative entrepreneur Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom

Rocket Fiber: Lauren, first tell us a little bit about the work that you do.

Lauren Hom: I am a hand lettering artist and illustrator. I work on book covers, magazine covers, and advertising campaigns. Hom Sweet Hom has been my full-time job for the past seven years. 

RF: How does the internet impact the way that you do your business day-to-day?

LH: For me, the internet comes most into play when uploading or downloading files either from a client or to a client. I also shoot a lot of videos now. So, in addition to doing my illustration and lettering work for clients, I’m also very active on Instagram, and I teach online. Because I’m doing so much more video and the files are so big, Rocket Fiber is so good for uploading videos quickly.

Recently, I came back home from a business trip to Los Angeles, and one of the first things I said to my boyfriend was that the internet was so bad at the hotel. I forgot how grateful I am to have Rocket Fiber!

RF: Your business operates out of one of Detroit’s residential buildings that are powered by Rocket Fiber. How has Rocket Fiber helped to empower your business?

LH: My live streaming had less success before Rocket Fiber. It would work most of the time with other internet service providers before I moved to Detroit, but it was still a wildcard. With Rocket Fiber, I never have any doubt, so I can go live and show up for my business and audience. It’s empowered me to be more present and active with live video (and video in general) for my audience and my business.

RF: What advice do you have for millennials wishing to start their side hustle?

LH: Now, with the internet and social media, it’s easier than ever for young entrepreneurs to put a website up and start a business. Although it’s a vulnerable thing to share your work online, you have more to gain than you do to lose by putting yourself out there. It’s easy to look for obstacles that prevent you from getting started. Still, by removing as many of those barriers as possible (like blaming bad internet) you can begin to focus on the idea and the concept and get to work. 

RF: Do you have any suggestions for young entrepreneurs shopping for Wi-Fi for their work from home business?

LH: The word ‘investment’ was a really important concept I didn’t understand when I was first starting out. You might avoid spending a little extra money on something because you think you can work with the bare minimum. But online services, like strong internet, are worth paying for. So you have to consider that as a big asset to your business.

Learn more about how Rocket Fiber’s residential internet services can support your side hustle by contacting one of our internet experts.


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