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11.26.2018 / Press, Technology

Fixed Wireless Case Study

All things innovation resonates with our team at Rocket Fiber. Our team recently contributed to Broadband Communities magazine through a case study of Rocket Fiber’s experience deploying fixed wireless technologies in Detroit.

Throughout our journey, Rocket Fiber has come to understand the benefits of hybrid deployment methods as well as the power of fixed wireless access to multiple-dwelling-unit properties (MDUs). Despite having “Fiber” in our name, Rocket Fiber is committed to outstanding client service, no matter the method or technology.

When Rocket Fiber began to lay its network four years ago, the company sought to access MDUs of all sizes and types in the footprint.

The company’s desire for unparalleled, future-proofed service led us to seek a creative strategy to deliver gigabit service to the home for Detroiters.

Our residential clients receive 1 Gbps service to the home. Rocket Fiber intentionally offers only gigabit-level service to residential clients, which we initially provided exclusively via our pure fiber network, however, as we sought to rapidly expand our service availability, we began to explore the possibility that fixed wireless access could help provide service outside our current fiber footprint.

The strategy of working with property owners large and small heightened Rocket Fiber’s ability to create strong partnerships and lasting relationships with property managers that helped pave the way for future experimental deployments, such as fixed wireless.

To learn more about our experience in deploying fixed wireless in Detroit, read here.

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