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03.11.2019 / Company News

Hack to the Future: 3rd Annual Hackathon

There’s Nothing Quite Like Watching a Team Work Together to Accomplish Something Bigger

Our third annual Hackathon, Hack to the Future, was the best one yet! Beginning Friday at noon teams worked around the clock for 24 hours to complete as many projects as possible to have a chance for the grand prize.

We had more teams than ever participate through the night with engines running at full steam. While in years past this has been the type of motivation we usually see, this year no one knew what the prizes were! Our team was working on pure drive to improve processes and make lasting connections within Rocket Fiber to keep our title of Michigan’s fastest internet with the most dependable client experience.

What’s a Hackathon Without Some Fun?

Playing off our theme this year we had many activities to break up the day, including Jazzercise, a photo booth with an 80’s, graffiti style backdrop and mini games! Team members were also encouraged to dress in their 80’s best.

As new team members join us for the first time, it’s great to hear their feedback and be reminded of how the ISMs are in action and are at the heart of our annual Hackathon.  We’ve heard how Hackathon is all about recognizing that The Inches We Need are Everywhere Around Us, and how we’re demonstrating that we are Obsessed with Finding a Better Way.  Our two days brightly reflect how we’re living out the credo that Responding with a Sense of Urgency is is the Ante to Play.

They have also shared how they see our teams work together positively demonstrating the We’ll Figure it Out spirit, while reminding each other to continue renewing our commitment to Do the Right Thing.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Although everyone was split into teams, the Hackathon allowed rival team members to be borrowed for shared points in order to complete big projects. Abbie Spector, of team Fine Young Cannibals, assisted in creating the backbone for our new Automated Intake Forms to gather client requirements for our large enterprise projects. “I was able to create the shell of what needed to be done, but couldn’t have done it without my savvy rival team member who transformed my Word document into a simplified and easily trackable, fillable form”, said Spector.

It was a close call between all the teams, but the top winning team was The Fine Young Cannibals with 5,895 points! It was a fight to the end with second and third place winners, The Ataris and The Aquanets. Over the 24 hour period, our team completed a total of 60 projects – all of which are going to continue to benefit us and our clients for years to come. Here’s to making next year’s Hackathon even better!


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