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08.06.2018 / Press

How to Avoid Cybercrime

The National Cyber Security Alliance estimates the 20 percent of small businesses face cybercrimes directly every year. Those crimes and vulnerabilities can put over half of the number of affected organizations out of business, as there are direct effects relating to financial damages that can come from customer confidence (think of the still suffering Target) or otherwise.

Many companies assume that they are not vulnerable to cybercrime, and among small businesses—most do not have a cyber security plan. This includes security over Wi-Fi networks. So, given these circumstances, how do technologists have conversations with businesses that can encourage optimal safety coverage?

Wi-Fi networks are proven to be convenient and useful for small companies. Traditional wired networks can offer more protections, despite their sometimes perceived inconvenience. Given the rise of Wi-Fi networks, here are some tools and tips of the trade to help secure your business and network:

1.)     Enable encryption on your access point

These protocols offer protections.


2.)     Change your network’s SSID name and password to something unique

This makes your network harder to find for cyber attacks.


3.)     Routinely check router firmware, in order to ensure it’s current

It’s possible to check firmware version by look at the router’s dashboard.


4.)     Disable remote login

This is the most frequent way that routers are attacked.


5.)     Disabling wireless administrating

The ‘off’ on this option makes it impossible for someone to connect with a LAN cable outside of local administration.


Secure Wi-Fi connections help security immensely, especially with the addition of cloud computing. Rocket Fiber is able to discuss a variety of technology services that help to guarantee network optimization and security today. To learn more, call 844-847-6253.

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