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Rocket Fiber Support Better cloud performance with a private line

The Basics

Better cloud performance with a private line

Businesses and residential users are storing more of their files, videos, images and reports in the cloud today. This makes sense; With cloud storage, users can easily access these files while working remotely or traveling. Storing files in the cloud also frees up storage on computers’ hard drives.

But uploading files to the cloud can be slow if you are relying on a shared internet connection. This slowdown can be especially irksome to businesses in which many employees might be uploading large, multimedia files to cloud services.

Here’s the problem: Many business owners and homeowners rely on shared internet connections in which several users share the same network. In these often-crowded shared connections, upload speeds are far slower than download speeds. This is especially true during busier times of the day such as mid-afternoons or late mornings when more users are crowding onto a shared network.

A private line, commonly referred to as Dedicated Internet Access or DIA, is a solution. With a private line, you or your company are the only users on a network. This means that your internet access will always be faster because you won’t have to worry about multiple users slowing down your service. This can be especially noticeable when uploading files to the cloud. With a private line, you or your employees won’t have to work through sluggish times of the day: Your upload speed will be just as fast as your download speed and will remain consistent throughout the day.

Dedicated Internet Access and fiber optic cables, then, remain the best choice for business and homeowners who want the fastest, most secure and most reliable internet service.

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