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Rocket Fiber Support Fiber vs. cable: The importance of symmetrical bandwidth

The Basics

Fiber vs. cable: The importance of symmetrical bandwidth

What’s equally important as overall internet speed is something known as symmetrical bandwidth. This term, even if you’ve never heard it until now, has a lot to do with how efficient, or inefficient, your business will operate.

Most internet providers will only advertise their overall speed. And it’s true that you want fast internet. But you also want internet service that provides symmetrical bandwidth. With this type of service, your internet speed will be the same whether you are downloading files or uploading them. This is critical for business owners.

It’s obvious why business owners want fast download speeds. Many of your most common business activities – such as streaming videos and loading Web pages – will rely on downloading. You don’t want your employees sitting bored in front of their computers as they wait impatiently for files and videos to download.

Don’t focus entirely on download speeds, though. Many businesses today rely heavily on uploading files, presentations and videos, too. That’s why it’s unfortunate that upload speeds are so often ignored when companies pitch their internet service.

With cable and DSL connections, upload speeds are often far slower than are download speeds. That can be a hassle when your employees are regularly uploading files to the cloud. A slow upload speed can dramatically drop the efficiency of your business and its workers.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this if you are relying on dedicated fiber optic service from Rocket Fiber.

Fiber optic services offer the better business alternative of symmetrical bandwidth, meaning that both your download and upload speeds will be exactly the same. And if you are relying on a dedicated fiber optic service – one that you don’t share with other users – your upload and download speeds will be the same throughout the day, too, not slowing down in the middle of the afternoon or early in the morning.

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