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Rocket Fiber Support How can fiber internet improve home values?


How can fiber internet improve home values?

You know that fast fiber-optic internet connections can boost the efficiency of your business. But did you know that fiber-delivered internet can also increase property values?

The Fiber to the Home Council Americas in 2015 released a white paper showing that access to fiber internet services can increase a home’s value by as much as 3.1 percent.

To put that into context, that 3.1 percent increase equates to a rise in value of $5,437 for the typical U.S. home. The Fiber to the Home Council said that fiber internet provides about the same value boost as adding a fireplace, or half the value of a bathroom.

These numbers shouldn’t be overly surprising. Homeowners increasingly rely on fast internet speeds to stream their favorite TV shows, listen to music, watch movies and chat with friends and family members. A home wired with fiber will provide the absolute fastest internet speeds. Buyers, then, are willing to pay more to ensure that their streaming and chatting services operate with as few hiccups as possible.

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