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Rocket Fiber Support What is dedicated internet access?

The Basics

What is dedicated internet access?

Does your home or business need Dedicated Internet Access? It might, depending on how important the fastest possible internet speed is to you.

When investing in an internet connection, you have the choice between a shared connection or what is known as Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA. With shared internet access, multiple users are accessing the same shared internet connection. With Dedicated Internet Access, though, only one user or business is using a single internet connection.

Most consumers rely on shared internet access for their homes, especially if they are using a cable or DSL connection. That can be fine depending on how you use internet service at home. A shared connection is usually fast enough for users who are watching videos on their home laptops or chatting with friends online.

DIA service, though, is usually the better choice for business users. That’s because of the increased speed and security that comes with dedicated service.

Business owners who invest in DIA service purchase a set bandwidth speed. Your company then receives that specific bandwidth all the time, no matter what your employees are doing or how many of them are connecting to its network.

For instance, if you buy a 1Gbps dedicated fiber optic internet connect, your business will always benefit from a 1 Gbps connection. Your internet service will never slow, even during the busiest times of the day.

Compare this to shared connections. In a shared connection, the speed you sign up for is the absolute maximum speed your business or home will ever receive. This means that your actual speed might dip during the busiest times of the day. This can be problematic for businesses. You might only have access to your maximum internet speed early in the morning, before the business day begins, or late at night, after your workers have left for the day. This won’t be of much help for business owners.

With DIA, business owners will also benefit from symmetrical bandwidth, meaning that their internet speed will be the same whether they are downloading or uploading files, images and video content. This is important, too, because download speeds are usually far faster than upload speeds on a shared internet connection.

The message here is clear: If the top internet speed is essential to your home or business, investing in Dedicated Internet Access is the best choice.

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