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Rocket Fiber Support What is Dedicated Internet? Is it Different than “Regular” Internet?

The Basics

What is Dedicated Internet? Is it Different than “Regular” Internet?

Are you on a shared or dedicated internet connection? If you’ve struggled with internet bandwidth and speeds during peak times, chances are you know the answer. Depending on where, when and how you use the internet, a shared connection may suit your needs without issue. However, many businesses have found that their needs require Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA.  

Sharing your internet connection with other users may not matter for your home internet. Depending on your usage, a shared connection may provide adequate bandwidth and speed for your streaming, chatting or web surfing needs.

But what about your business? Between sharing large files, video conferencing and having an abundance of devices connected at a given time, you’ll undoubtedly place more strain on the internet connection at work than you would at home. That’s why many business owners prefer a dedicated internet connection.

In a dedicated internet scenario, you – or your business – are the only user on the connection between you and your provider. That’s why it’s called “dedicated”; there aren’t other businesses or homes competing with you for access or bandwidth on the same connection.  This means your internet speed will remain at its top level consistently throughout the day and particularly when you need it. In a shared connection, you may only reach your top internet speed at certain times of the day, such as early in the morning or later in the evening, when those who share it aren’t using their service fully.Business requirements for bandwidth and speed typically aren’t the only factor in these types of decisions; the added security that comes with dedicated internet is an additional consideration. To see if dedicated internet is right for your business, feel free to reach out.

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