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Rocket Fiber Support What is gigabit-speed internet?

The Basics

What is gigabit-speed internet?

Want the fastest internet speeds for your home or business? Then you need gigabit-speed internet.

This is the term given to internet service with download speeds that can reach up to a gigabit-per-second. You might hear this type of internet connection called ultra-high-speed internet. The reason for this is obvious: This is the fastest internet service available today. How fast is this service? Standard cable-based internet service offers speeds of 1 million bits per second. That’s far slower than what you get with gigabit-speed internet.

Gigabit-speed internet is becoming more important as homeowners and businesses rely ever more on streaming videos, conference calls, cloud services and online chat. With gigabit-speed internet, you can download files and watch movies and TV shows online without any of those annoying delays or buffering issues.

One of the main ways to deliver this high-speed internet is through fiber optic cables. These cables can handle a high capacity of data. Internet service delivered through fiber optic cables retains a strong signal, too, even when these cables are transmitting data over long distances. These benefits are why fiber has become the preferred way of delivering internet service.

Rocket Fiber is one of the relatively few service providers offering exclusively gigabit-speed internet service today. We are doing this through our network of high-capacity, fiber optic cables.

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