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Rocket Fiber Support What is private line vs. regular internet?

The Basics

What is private line vs. regular internet?

Do you want to share your internet connection with other users? It might not matter for your home internet. A shared connection might not slow down your streaming, chatting or Web surfing.

But what about for your business? You’ll undoubtedly place more strain on your internet connection at your business than you would at your home. That’s why many business owners prefer a private line internet connection.

In a private line set-up, you – or your business – is the only user on your internet connection. You aren’t sharing it with anyone. That’s why it’s called a private line. Because there aren’t other businesses or homes sharing your connection, your internet speed will remain at its top level throughout the day. In a shared connection, you might only realize your top internet speed at certain times of the day, such as early in the morning or later in the evening. With a private line connection, your internet will operate at its top speed every hour of the day.

You might hear others refer to a private line as Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA. That’s because in a private line, your internet connection is dedicated to just one entity, your home or your business

Private line internet typically costs more. But you might find the extra price worth it as you enjoy the fast speeds that come with Dedicated internet Access.

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