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Rocket Fiber Support Why is my Wi-Fi slow?

The Basics

Why is my Wi-Fi slow?

Wi-Fi is convenient, allowing you to access the internet with all your devices without worrying about plugging wires or cables into them. But Wi-Fi connections do come with one drawback: They’re more likely to experience slowdowns than are wired connections.

And a Wi-Fi connection will certainly be slower than a hardwired fiber-optic connection provided by Rocket Fiber. Wi-Fi technology just isn’t as advanced as the fiber-optic services we offer.

If your Wi-Fi is slow, there are potential problems you can check. For instance, if your Wi-Fi router or modem is too far from your computer, streaming box or tablet, your connection might be slower. The greater the distance between your devices and your router, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal will become.

Your Wi-Fi signal might be blocked, too, by walls or other obstacles. Don’t place your router in a cabinet or closet. This will make it more difficult for the Wi-Fi signal to reach your devices. Be careful, too, about placing your router in a remote location in your home. In general, your Wi-Fi signal will be weaker if it has to pass through a greater number of walls to reach your streaming boxes or computers.

Increased congestion can be a problem, too, especially if you live in an apartment or condo building. If there are several people in your building all using Wi-Fi at the same time, your signal might weaken.

Other electronic devices can also interfere with your Wi-Fi signal, slowing down your Wi-Fi speed. Microwave ovens and Bluetooth devices are common culprits.

You can boost your Wi-Fi signal strength by experimenting with different locations for your router.

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