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Rocket Fiber Support Why latency matters

The Basics

Why latency matters

You might think that your internet connection’s bandwidth is the same as its speed. But there’s a second key factor that most consumers aren’t aware of: latency. Latency is just as important as bandwidth in determining how fast you can stream videos, search the internet, download files and access the cloud.

At its most basic, latency is the amount of time it takes to send data from one point to another. In other words, latency equals the delay your internet connection experiences when it is sending information to your home or business.

This might be confusing but consider this example: If you think of your internet connection as a pipe, bandwidth measures how wide this pipe is. Latency, though, measures how fast something moves from the beginning of the pipe to its end.

Several factors impact latency. A big one is the type of internet connection serving your home or business. Fiber optic connections tend to have low latency rates, meaning that information will stream through these connections at a faster rate.

Distance matters, too. It will take longer for information to hit your tablets, streaming devices or computers if you are far from your internet Service Provider’s hub. A connection with a small bandwidth will also result in a higher latency rate, as will a connection that you share with other users.

Rocket Fiber’s fiber optic service boasts low latency rates, meaning that you won’t experience delays when using the internet, even for more intensive uses. This is important if you spend a significant time at home streaming movies or sending large files to friends and family members. And it’s especially important for business owners who don’t want slow internet speeds to clog up their employees’ work days.

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