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05.30.2018 / Press

Latency: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Rocket Fiber Fast Fact: What is Latency and Why Does it Matter for Fast Internet?

Everyone thinks that what they want is “more bandwidth”, but there is another measure of productivity that is equally important: latency.

Low latency is instant gratification, it’s productivity, it’s more surveys run, more team members Skyped, more leads on the books.

If latency is delay, we want as little of it as possible. Latency is the literal time it takes for a packet of data to reach its destination. The measurement related to latency is regarded in milliseconds. If you have high latency, your packet is moving at a snail’s pace. If you have low latency, you’re moving at rocket speed.

Latency is dependent on a variety of factors. It can be determined by hardware, internet connection, and server location. Latency is the time to download, load, and share yours and others creations.

Latency can have a serious impact on the power of your bandwidth. This will become increasingly relevant as people become more reliant on services within the Internet of Things (IoT).

Early examples are seen in IoT devices, whether it’s a Fitbit or sensors serving autonomous vehicles; lag time from high latency creates inefficiencies. High latency can increasingly mean the death of internet dependent services and/or users ability to want and access them.

It’s important to research hardware, bandwidth, and connection when considering effectiveness of an internet program and its ability to combat latency.  

Rocket Fiber offers solutions to all the variables in the equation. Our team can help not only with speed and bandwidth, but provides the highest caliber equipment– all through our “white glove” experience.

Latency ties to productivity and collaboration. Don’t be late to the game.

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