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12.06.2017 / Company News

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Remzi Fritscher!

Remzi Fritscher is on our Network Operations Center (NOC) Operations team.  He built his first computer at the age of 7 and enjoys software programming as one of his hobbies.  He’s always ready to jump in and help the team with anything.  As part of a military family, he traveled all around the world from a young age, with his favorite place he’s traveled being Turkey.

How long have you been at Rocket Fiber?

About 5 months

What’s your favorite part about working at Rocket Fiber?

Between being able to build the NOC and the network, working in close relation with Network Engineering to configure switches for ActiveE solutions, and getting my hands dirty in the network and Data Center it’s all amazing.  Being able to see everything come to life, firsthand, is probably my favorite part.

What’s one accomplishment you’re especially proud of completing or participating in since working here?

The network engineers tasked me to complete a solution we had not provided before and configure some equipment for a client.  I hit the ground running and they trusted me to deliver in a timely manner.  The client was elated and it was great self-accomplishment and learning experience to be able to figure it out on my own with the support of such a phenomenal team.

Anything else from your experience or advice you can share?

I’ve had data center and NOC experience before coming to Rocket Fiber, and being able to build on that and helping build out the NOC and core network has been so rewarding.  Coming to Rocket Fiber is a breath of fresh air: the culture here is unlike any place I’ve ever worked.  It makes me excited and motivated to come to work every day, to build things from the ground up and see it come to fruition.  It’s so rewarding.

Remzi is a great part of Rocket Fiber and the great news is – we’re looking to add to his team!  But we’re not looking for just any NOC Engineer to add to our team, we’re looking for someone like Remzi who’s ready to hit the ground running and jump right in!

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