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08.07.2016 / Community News

MoPop, MoFun!

This year at MoPop was a blast! We met so many amazing people and saw some amazing bands. A picture is worth a thousand words, so to more accurately describe the awesome time we had, we put together this photo blog to showcase the Tech, the Sights, the People and the Sounds. Enjoy!

The Tech
We set up our tent and got right to meeting as many people as we could and spreading the good word about Rocket Fiber. The average person spends 24 hours per year just waiting for webpages to load – a whole day! Rocket Fiber speeds would significantly cut that waiting time down, giving your back your time. We asked everyone we met what they would do with an extra day each year and had them write it down on our whiteboard. We loved hearing what everyone had to say!

IMG_0102_edited copy



The Sights
MoPop brought so many interesting and artsy sights and we were so fortunate to be able to see it all! We were able to write our dreams for the city, paint some awesome pictures and visit a whole tent of crafters and see their fare!







The People
We had the opportunity to meet and hang out with so many new friends. There were great activities for anyone and everyone – and even a little rain didn’t stop the fun!







The Sounds
Of course, we had a great time taking in all the talent from the musicians performing. They all put on fantastic shows and were a blast to watch.


IMG_0296_edit copy

That wraps up our time at MoPop – we can’t wait until next year and to see what new surprises are in store!