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08.06.2018 / Press

How to Avoid Cybercrime

The National Cyber Security Alliance estimates the 20 percent of small businesses face cybercrimes directly every year. Those crimes and…
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07.23.2018 / Community News

Our Time at Intermitten

Rocket Fiber is happy to celebrate all things grassroots. The volunteer-operated Intermitten conference graced Detroit in July with a mission…
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06.21.2018 / Press

Live from Nashville: FBA Chairman’s Award

Marc Hudson, CEO of Rocket Fiber, accepted the prestigious Chairman’s Award from the Fiber Broadband Association at the 2018 National…
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06.12.2018 / Press

Success by Internet

As the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, internet accessibility has set the pace of change and mirrors the rate…
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05.30.2018 / Press

Latency: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Rocket Fiber Fast Fact: What is Latency and Why Does it Matter for Fast Internet? Everyone thinks that what they want…
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05.16.2018 / Press

Spotlighting Detroit at Smart Cities New York

In Manhattan, Rocket Fiber joined the ranks of mayors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders for three days of conversation and workshops…
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04.23.2018 / Press

FBA Detroit Regional Conference 2018

The Future is Fiber This week, technologists specializing in fiber gathered in Detroit from across the country. Rocket Fiber was…
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03.29.2018 / Press

Teens and the Digital Divide

The Huffington Post recently covered Detroit’s digital ecosystem in an article involving Rocket Fiber’s projects on youth and community. The…
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03.28.2018 / Press

SXSW Showcases Fiber and Detroit Innovation

The Rocket Fiber team traveled to Austin, Texas for one of the biggest events of the year, SXSW. South by…
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03.06.2018 / Community News

Fiber is the Foundation of High-Speed Internet Infrastructure for Cities

Rocket Fiber participated in the Main Street Oakland County’s “Connected Downtowns” Conference, where Director of Strategic Partnerships, Emily Dabish and…
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03.05.2018 / Press

Rocket Fiber’s 2nd Annual Hack-A-Thon – Hack of Thrones

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs…
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03.02.2018 / Press

You no longer need a “cable” subscription to have a full range of TV entertainment programming at your fingertips.

Rocket Fiber has extensively tested many of the more popular streaming solutions that take advantage of our giga-speed network to…
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