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Rocket Fiber Connects the World Through Portals

Rocket Fiber internet powers the Portals in Capitol Park

Are you curious about other cultures?  Want to meet and greet with people and entrepreneurs around the globe without leaving your hometown?  Now you can through this Friday, June 9 in Capitol Park!

Shared_Studios is working with Quicken Loans to bring their connected Portals to Capitol Park.  These “portals” are gold shipping containers placed all around the world, outfitted with video conferencing equipment that creates an interconnected environment.  The Portal in Capitol Park runs on our super-fast Rocket Fiber internet that makes sure there is no lag in your conversation.  All you have to do to be a part of this event is RSVP for a time slot, which you can do here.

Portals connect people around the world that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to connect.  Cities like Kigali, Rwanda; Berlin, Germany and Mexico City, Mexico can connect with people from Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit among other US cities.

“Detroit is such a diverse city it makes sense to be here.  Detroit is a portal; Detroit needs a portal,” says Ber-Henda Williams, curator of the Detroit Portal.  

According to Ber-Henda, the conversations are always very organic, and range in topics all across the spectrum, from the weather to opinions on social issues.  The full-body screen set up in the Portal creates the illusion that the person on the other end is right there in the portal with you.

“The team was really excited to be a part of this event and be able to connect people all around the world like they’re standing right with you,” says Joe Hernandez of Rocket Fiber, who engineered and installed the gigabit internet connection for this event.

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