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Rocket Fiber Expands to Midtown, Brush Park, New Center

We’ve got a #RFUpdate for you!


It’s been a busy time here at Rocket Fiber: lots of developments, new buildings and so much more on the horizon! We wanted to bring our Rocket Fiber friends and family an update from our team.

We’ve been expanding.
We’ve now laid over 20 miles of brand-new fiber and have more than 40 residential and commercial buildings online in the Downtown, Midtown, Brush Park and New Center neighborhoods in the city. We’re moving full steam ahead; every day we get to meet new people and bring super-fast Internet to more and more of our neighbors. We can’t wait to bring even more clients into our family in the near future!

Our team has expanded, too. We now have 37 crew members – and we’ll be looking to hire more soon! Keep an eye on our careers page for more updates.


Anxious for Gigabit Internet?
We are planning expansion to many more buildings and neighborhoods as we speak. We’re still moving based on demand, so make sure you and all of your friends and neighbors are visiting the Get Fiber page on our website to vote to bring fiber to your area.

Thanks for being patient as we work to get to you. If you live in a residential unit, we are actively speaking to property managers to hook up your building to Rocket Fiber. When a building is live, we activate it in our system and notify those who have subscribed to Get Fiber first. In some cases, we are waiting on responses from property managers. Please ask your property manager to reach out to our team at if you want Rocket Fiber in your building.

After officially launching our Gigabit Internet in January, we’ve gone pretty far for the first half of 2016. We couldn’t be more excited to continue our build! When we first launched, we had 3 residential buildings online. Now, we have 26, all listed below. Thank you to everyone on our team for their hard work and dedication, and thank you to all of our Rocket Fiber fans and family for the support! We can’t wait to show everyone what we have planned for the future, and look forward to all the future will bring. Onward!

Residential buildings that currently have Rocket Fiber:

  • The Albert
  • The Malcomson
  • Lofts of Merchants Row
  • Willy’s Overland Lofts
  • The Auburn
  • Cadillac Square Apartments
  • Forest Arms Apartments
  • Regis Houze
  • Town Apartments
  • Broderick Tower
  • The David Whitney
  • Claridge House
  • The Kales Building
  • The Ashley
  • Woodward Lofts
  • The Residences at the Westin Book Cadillac
  • Kirby Lofts
  • The Scott
  • Rainer Court
  • 55 W. Canfield
  • Canfield Lofts
  • Riverfront Condominiums
  • Garden Lofts at Woodward Place
  • Briggs Houze
  • The Ellington
  • The Crystal Lofts

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