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QLine, Powered By Rocket Fiber

We call ourselves the Motor City, but we pride ourselves on having diversified our transportation options, including the commencement of a light rail system throughout one of Detroit’s most-major arteries.

The M-1 RAIL is the owner and operator of the QLine, a streetcar operation with over six miles of tracks up and down the Woodward Avenue corridor, consisting of 20 stations at 12 locations.

Rocket Fiber is proud to have installed and currently manage the technology behind the QLine’s connectivity, which has proven to be a crucial aspect of the user experience.

Rocket Fiber’s technology provides to passengers access to free WiFi that ranks as world class connectivity. This experience was created in partnership with Fluidmesh, an organization founded by researchers and innovators from MIT and the Politecnico of Milan, whose goal is to deliver unparalleled connectivity over unlicensed spectrum.

Together, a solution was formed that allows for hundreds of megabits of bandwidth made available to customers—ultimately, creating a seamless connected experience by utilizing on-board and trackside radios.

Rocket Fiber was responsible for the integrated system design that led to this leading solution and experience. The project took a short six weeks to complete.

Despite the project’s timeliness, creating seamless connectivity was no small task during the creative process. Through the partnership with thought leaders at Rocket Fiber and Fluidmesh, a great solution was manifested. See more in this video showcasing our work on a snowy QLine.

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