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06.12.2018 / Press

Success by Internet

As the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, internet accessibility has set the pace of change and mirrors the rate of development in businesses large and small. Business activities are deeply involved with connectivity, as they are exhibited in our monitors, tablets, and personal devices; all of which are a function of our internal and external communications. Where business is strengthened and exhibited by programs and devices dependent on connectivity—it is key in making our work’s signature one of efficiency and one of resiliency.

Unrestrained connectivity allows companies to evolve products and services that are able to generate economic and social change, whether they fall into categories of manufacturing, agriculture, or companies that are more traditional brick-and-mortar. High-tech companies are often the first to adopt new or advanced innovation. Still, regardless of size or industry, connectivity and IoT (internet of things) can increase productivity, unlocking potential for new revenue.

For instance, in agriculture—analytics and sensors synthesize decision making. Better understanding things like weather conditions, temperature, and humidity can save incredible amounts in the cost of planting and maintaining crops.

In community safety, connectivity allows for law enforcement to more effectively utilize resources and make informed choices on where to devote personnel and strategies. Breakdowns in crime activity are understood more clearly through surveillance and other forms of data sharing that connectivity allows for.

Whether it is a café or a Kinko’s; if any sort of customer service i.e. phone or point-of-sale is lost or disconnects–revenue and reputation are lost. Connectivity allows for dependency and diversity in efficiency.

As Rocket Fiber’s partners at Detroit Labs shared, “By providing us with a lightning fast connection and Zappos quality customer service, Rocket Fiber allows us to keep the focus on our business. With speeds this fast, we are able to collaborate and create at levels never before possible.”

All verticals are impacted by connectivity and IoT efficiencies. The consistent success of businesses and organizations utilizing unrestrained connectivity tells a powerful story and make possible the next industrial revolution.

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