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01.15.2019 / Company News

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Marna Davis!

Perhaps no team member exemplifies the culture and values of Rocket Fiber quite like Marna Davis. Marna has been with Rocket Fiber since darn near the beginning; currently leading our Client Experience team.

Hailing from the service industry, she has come to understand that client experience has much in common with hospitality.

Marna was first attracted to Rocket Fiber while the company was still in its infancy, taking interest in the startup nature of the organization.

But beyond the company culture, she loves that external environment. What Marna enjoys most about working in Downtown Detroit is the sense of possibility the city holds. She enjoys walking down the street and running into neighbors and members of the community from organizations big and small. And with a smile and presence like Marna’s, you can only imagine that this is a pleasant experience for all.

Alongside, the possibility of serendipitous moments on the street side—she sees that the company can create bigger and better things for those in our community. “There are endless possibilities if you want to go for it… if you work your way in, there is so much opportunity.”

She sees that this is true not only in Detroit, but at Rocket Fiber.

Marna has grown from team member to team leader in just two short years and continues to find ways to build her team in Client Experience, always focusing on providing white glove service to those that interact with the company.

“We will do even bigger and better things and where we’ve gone is pretty amazing. The residential product we offer especially offers more… a draw to the city.”

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