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01.16.2020 / Press

The Role of Internet Technology in Patient Care

For healthcare organizations like Michigan’s Henry Ford Health System the goal, above everything else, is to provide the highest quality patient care. Highly-trained professionals; advancements in medicine; world-class facilities and personal touch are just a few ways that hospitals can transform lives. One particular area where healthcare has been making innovative strides is in the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to optimize operations and improve patient care.

As a society, people often take for granted just how transformative the internet is in their daily lives. With just a few swipes, we have the power to find nearly any piece of information available. We can control our home thermostat from the office as well as see how our furry companion is doing at doggy daycare via webcam. The internet is nearly everywhere and in healthcare, it can mean improving patient comfort, care and saving lives.

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The Role of Internet Technology in Patient Care

We sat down with Doug McDonald of Henry Ford Health System to discuss the importance of internet and managed service technology in the healthcare industry.

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