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Three Downtown Detroit Businesses on the Importance of Connectivity

Every business uses some form of technology today. Whether it’s sending out tweets on today’s special, or using the Internet to build the next great startup, Internet that’s 100 times faster will undoubtedly help your business grow.

Downtown Detroit is bustling with small businesses. New storefronts and restaurants are opening up everyday. Our team hit the ground and spoke with local business owners to find out how technology helps them, and how 100 times faster Internet will help them grow.  Meet these three great Downtown Detroit businesses.

Zarkpa’s Purses & Accessories

Tracey Garely and Courtney Blake have built quite the cozy store at 214 East Grand River. Along their block are quite a few retail shops that have been growing the past few years. How do these two Detroit entrepreneurs grow their retail business?

Tracey and her partner Courtney believe that all businesses need Internet. Using the Internet is vital to how they drive customers to their store. They said faster speeds would make their marketing more efficient.

“You can use social media and the Internet. It’s your way to get in touch with potential customers,” said Tracey. “But you have to be social in the store too.”

Courtney Blake and Tracey Garely of Zarkpa’s Purses & Accessories

Courtney Blake and Tracey Garely of Zarkpa’s Purses & Accessories

Grand Circus

Located in the Broderick Tower, Grand Circus has been a home for tech training and technology startups since they opened their doors over a year ago. The company frequently hosts coding bootcamp classes, so technology is vital to their business.

“Faster Internet would help our students and startups work more efficiently,” said Celena Mancina, Director of Operations at Grand Circus. “At anytime we might have more than 50 students coding. It’s essential.”

Grand Circus Students

Grand Circus teaches coding and technology courses, which requires heavy Internet usage from students.

Detroit Experience Factory

Inside the Compuware Building, right across from the bustling Campus Martius Park, is Detroit’s very own welcome center.  Detroit Experience Factory serves as a hub of vital information on the city. It’s where newcomers and Detroiters alike can stop in to ask questions, grab maps, hop on their laptop, or sign up for a fun, informative Detroit-themed tour.

With so much foot traffic, Detroit Experience Factory is constantly sharing and publishing information online. More bandwidth would make their space a destination for Detroit natives and visitors, and help connect more people.

“We are a welcome center so we are always sharing information. Faster Internet will help us connect more people,” said Matt Chung.

Detroit Experience Factory

Inside the Detroit Experience Factory, where visitors can connect in person and online with resources about the city.

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