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Touchdown! Rocket Fiber Partners with Detroit Lions for Internet Upgrade

Our team has been pretty quiet for a while, with our nose to the ground, laser-focused on some big projects.  We are finally ready, and super excited, to start sharing some very exciting news on the projects we are working on!  First up is our partnership with the Detroit Lions to upgrade their internet capabilities within Ford Field.  After upgrading the internet connection to the offices and workspace inside Ford Field of the startup incubator Techstars Mobility, we worked with the Detroit Lions and Verizon to continue our services throughout the stadium.  Wi-Fi speed and reliability will dramatically improve with this new upgrade, and that should mean many satisfied fans this season!

For more information, see the full release below, or contact us.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming your way!


DETROIT – Detroit-based gigabit internet provider Rocket Fiber announce a partnership with the Detroit Lions to upgrade the capacity of Ford Field’s internet capabilities to 10 gigs.

Rocket Fiber’s cost-effective high-speed internet allows the Lions’ organization to provide the fastest, most reliable experience to the hundreds of thousands of fans who attend Ford Field every year.

The partnership follows up on Rocket Fiber’s recent contract with Cobo Center to upgrade Internet bandwidth to 10G.

“The fact that the Detroit Lions chose Rocket Fiber to upgrade their bandwidth and speed speaks volumes to what we are accomplishing with Rocket Fiber – creating a product and experience that fits the needs of any organization, no matter the size,” said Edi Demaj, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Rocket Fiber. “We are thrilled that other leaders in the city see the value in providing world-class internet experiences to continue making Detroit a leading destination in technology.”

The partnership was announced in conjunction with a separate announcement between the Detroit Lions and Verizon that WiFi will be fully upgraded and available for fans and guests at Ford Field for the 2017 NFL season. The new WiFi system has quadrupled capacity and new antennas throughout the bowl which will mean a better overall fan experience when browsing, posting and streaming content while at Ford Field.

“With the implementation of a WiFi system that will accommodate a significantly higher density of concurrent users, it was necessary to expand our internet backbone and equip ourselves with more bandwidth,” said Senior Vice President of Administration, CFO Allison Maki. “Detroit based Rocket Fiber is an innovator in the industry and is playing an integral role in helping us provide optimal connectivity for everybody at Ford Field.”

About Rocket Fiber

Rocket Fiber is a Detroit-based internet service provider, co-founded in 2014 by Marc Hudson, Edi Demaj and Randy Foster, and funded primarily by Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans.  Rocket Fiber is dedicated to advancing the internet experience for all with dependable, unrestrained connectivity and helpful, authentic client service.  Our technology is delivering gigabit internet speeds that are up to 1000x faster than the average connection, transforming the way our clients create, collaborate and communicate, while we focus on our commitment to provide out-of-this-world client care and service.  For more information, or to get Rocket Fiber service, visit



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