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03.27.2015 / Technology

Plugging in a World-Class Client Experience

As we plug you into a faster Internet option in Detroit, we also want to plug you into Rocket Fiber client services.

Let’s lay it all on the table: our industry has some serious client service issues. Internet providers have not always had the best reputation when responding to your needs. Slow Internet connections can slow down your day. Not hearing back promptly or getting the help you need can ruin it.

We’ve had these experiences ourselves way too many times. As we prepare to launch faster Internet in Detroit, we’re also going to bring you fast and reliable service. Our team at Rocket Fiber will be trained to make sure there’s no such thing as waiting on the Internet and waiting on us. This means we’ll be getting rid of the following industry standards:

  • No more robots, you’ll get to talk directly to a human for help.
  • No long phone wait times to get a quick question answered.
  • No more sitting around from 11am-4pm, or 3pm-8pm, or waiting long periods of time for your technician to show up during a service window.

We respect your time, and we know that being connected is important in your day to day life. So, we’re changing things up from the standard cable provider approach.  Anytime you have a question or issue with our service, all of our channels of communication will be open. Here’s just a few of the ways we’ll be helping our clients have a better Internet experience:

  • Online Chat. We’ll be there as often as we can to answer questions immediately directly on
  • Dedicated Client Care Specialist. You will have a dedicated human “friend” and direct line you can call anytime you have a question or issue.  Say goodbye to endless wait times and numerous transfers.
  • Social Media Help. We’re right there to respond and connect you to the information you need.  Feel free to reach out to us @RocketFiber.
  • Online Knowledgebase. We won’t hide any information you need. Instead, we’re working on putting the tools you need online so you can solve the problem on your own if you prefer. But we’ll always be available when you’d rather have a reliable, helping hand.

We’re a startup business based in Detroit so we know how valuable time and a reliable connection can be. We’re excited to help get you up to speed with Rocket Fiber and to provide the world-class client experience you deserve. You can subscribe to our email newsletter below to stay updated on when we launch Rocket Fiber services.

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